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Jessica is currently undertaking doctoral research into opera outreach at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Her research builds directly upon her experience as a practitioner and investigates the implications of outreach and educational work from the perspective of the professional singer.


Recent output includes:



  • Leary, J. and Drury, R. 2022. Towards an understanding of outreach and identity: Professional opera singers' perspectives of definitions, value, and status of outreach. Australian Voice, 23, pp49-59


  • Leary, J. (Forthcoming September 2023). Reaching out in opera: Exploring the notions of funding, access, inclusivity, identity, and status from the perspective of professional singers working in opera outreach. To be presented at the OBERTO Conference 2023. 12 September 2023. Oxford, United Kingdom. 

  • Leary, J. 2022. Opera outreach: Otherness and the singer identity. Presented at the Spheres of Singing Conference 2022. 8-9 November 2022. Glasgow, United Kingdom.

  • Leary, J. 2020. Opera outreach: An investigation into the technical, artistic, and professional implications of undertaking outreach work from the perspective of the professional opera singer. Presented at the Spheres of Singing Conference 2020.  28-30 May 2020. Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Additional activity

  • Committee member for Spheres of Singing conference (since 2022)

  • Jessica is affiliated with the University of St Andrews (where she teaches on the undergraduate performance modules) and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (where she is a visiting lecturer on the BMus degree programme).


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